Implementing OOP in FP

Some years back I wrote the essay “Functional programming, meet OOP”. A few months ago I gave a talk loosely based on it but with some major improvements. It didn’t feel right to update the original post so instead I decided to rewrite it to go a little bit more in detail of the higher level concepts and to make it less Clojure-specific.

Microservices aren't the problem. Incompetent people are

Have you read the awesome essay “Death by a thousand microservices”? I agree with everything said in it. However, I’d like to emphasise that microservices aren’t a problem in itself. Also, I don’t think monoliths are necessarily a better fit most of the time even for smaller products. In fact, personally, I prefer services (intentionally avoiding the “micro”) to a huge monolith in the work setting.

The real problem, I think, is the lack of engineering competence and the lack of “giving a shit” in companies. That’s what creates complex systems nobody can efficiently work on.