Skills (short)

Some buzzwords to summarize my commercial experience

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Functional Programming (FP) SOLID TDD/BDD
Ruby on Rails Clojure PostgresSQL Kafka Sidekiq RSpec
JavaScript React.js TypeScript Elm Redux.js JQuery Angular.js
AWS DynamoDB NoSQL Serverless

About me

More buzzwords
  • Coding since 2010. Professionally, since 2014.
  • Polyglot programmer. Techonoly-agnostic. A wildcard/jack-of-all-trades (can fill a range of roles when needed)
  • Agile developer: TDD, CI/CD, etc
  • Experience with cloud and serverless (Heroku, AWS), and some DevOps (VPS on DigitalOcean)

Check out my blog. More articles on Medium but I'm trying to abandon it completely.

Some interests

(for recruiters)

  • Leadership: management, architecture, principal roles
  • Technology:
    • Functional programming languages (OCaml, Haskell, etc)
    • Statically-typed languages in general (Kotlin, Java, C#, Golang, Haskell)
    • Logical/graph databases
    • Fully event-driven architectures

Work experience

Funding Circle

Sep 2022

Focusing on filling the "support" role (the "tech lead" archetype) within the team:

  • Full-stack development (various repos) whenever needed
  • Pair/mob programming, mentoring
  • Helping the management in any way I can
  • Meeting organisation/facilitation
  • Documenting things, processes, incidents
  • Public speeking at meet-ups (LRUG, London Clojure Meet-Up) hosted by the company.
  • Hiring
  • ...

  • Service-oriented architecture via Kafka
  • Clojure
  • Microfrontend architecture
  • System design
  • React.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Terraform
  • AWS
  • Drone CI
  • ...


Sep 2021 - Sep 2022

Worked on a big product initiative introducing POS (Point of Sale) experience. Being the only fullstack engineer within the team, switched to purely FE (React + TS) work towards the end of the project as we needed extra hands.

Joined internal Payments team to work on transition towards new ledger system.

  • Service-oriented architecture via gRPC
  • TypeScript
  • React.js
  • Elixir (main BE language)
  • Ruby on Rails (old monolith)
  • ...


Nov 2020 - Sep 2021

Worked for EMEA Security & Loss Prevention department working on an internal application from scratch (+ provided support for some existing apps my team got ownership of).

Was leading the development from the ground up making all important technical decisions (e.g. tech stack), sprint planning, and little bit of mentoring for less experienced teammate.

Also had some fun trainings related to Loss Prevention.

  • AWS:
    • AWS Lambda
    • API Gateway
    • DynamoDB
    • CDK
    • SQS/SNS
    • Athena
    • ...
  • System design/architecture
  • Serverless
  • NoSQL
  • JavaScript - picked it as the primary language for the project
  • TypeScript - for CDK
  • Node.js
  • React.js + Redux.js
  • ...


2020-10-01 - 2020-10-28 (1 month contract)

Was hired as a contractor implementing a map displaying engineers and vehicles.

Before being hired, I consulted the team on potential technical solutions for the initial idea. The best course of action was integration of the map provided by a sister company (2GIS). This is what I have been hired for later.

My small experience working with map tech back in PROF-IT helped quite a lot as I was already familiar with some under the hood stuff related to map software.

The project was a success and is still being used by the company.

  • 2GIS
  • Leaflet.js - the integrated solution used Leaflet under the hood
  • Vue.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Redis
  • ...


2019-02-04 - 2020-08-01 (1 year 6 months)
Used/leasing team:
  • Relatively new, rapidly growing part of the business
  • Full-stack development, lots of work on both frontend and backend
  • Lots of A/B testing
  • Learned Elm
  • A lot of collaboration with designers, data analysts and user researchers
Car-data team:
  • Core APIs powering up the rest of carwow
  • Clojure, Kafka
  • Mostly data transformations
  • Migrated other apps from deprecated APIs
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Elm
  • LaunchDarkly for feature flags
  • AppPhrase for I18n
  • HAML as a markup language
  • Clojure
  • Kafka for event storage and message delivery
  • Postgresql as relational DB
  • Honeycomb for app observability
  • Amplitude for user events tracking (mostly used by data analysis team)
  • Kanbanize
  • ...


2016-08-01 - 2019-01-19 (2 years 5 months)

InSales is a platform for creating online shops. Essentially, Russian Shopify.

  • Worked on authorization system (some refactoring and improvement)
  • Transferred to inner project - helpdesk system to replace Zendesk
  • Made a React.js SPA and Rails API almost single-handedly
  • Development from a prototype to production MVP
  • Some data engineering and visualisation
  • Was given another inner project which was an app integrated with InSales. Development from scratch to closed beta testing
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Postgresql
  • CoffeeScript as a default rails frontend language
  • HAML/Slim as a markup language
  • Bootstrap as CSS framework
  • Liquid for enabling client-side templating
  • Pundit for dealing with authorization
  • Webpack
  • React.js for the helpdesk system
  • Redux.js
  • Chart.js for graphs in statistics
  • Sass
  • Gitlab + Gitlab CI
  • Docker (but I wasn't responsible for production usage)
  • Redis for caching
  • Kanbantool
  • trello


2016-03-01 - 2016-07-30 (5 months)

Lakehouse is (was?) a Ruby on Rails shop working for various companies including L'Oreal

  • Development of a legacy (oh boy) logistics app for L'Oreal
  • Helped with day-to-day small development for numerous other projects
  • Worked on the company's own product called ODIN
  • Improved the ODIN architecture via splitting it into rails engines and consolidating multiple client-based branches of code. AFAIK now they are being used as optional features offered to clients
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Postgresql
  • JQuery
  • React.js on some pages
  • Angular 1
  • Redmine for issue tracking


2015-10-01 - 2016-03-01 (6 months)
  • Learned Ruby (no Rails)
  • Developed inner utility working with Redmine. Our boss used it to monitor our performance (somewhat).
  • Started using TDD
  • Worked on a Sinatra backend for our GIS-app using Geoserver and ArcGIS.
  • Had some exposure to Ember.js and Leaflet.js
  • Unfortunately, couldnt finish the project since the company went bankrupt
  • Sinatra
  • Geoserver
  • ArcGIS
  • Redmine
  • Ember.js for frontend
  • Leaflet.js for working with maps


2014-10-01 - 2019-05-30 (8 months)

QSOFT is one of the biggest web studios in Russia.

This experience was important for me because it was my first real job. However, technology-wise it's completely irrelevant to my current set of skills.

  • PHP
  • 1C-Bitrix


Every list is somewhat ordered by descendence of experience/knowledge.

General skills

  • OOP
  • Functional Programming
  • TDD
  • APIs
  • Basic web knowledge like HTTP, security basics, etc
  • Software design, code reviews, refactoring

Programming languages

  • Ruby
  • JavaScript/ES6
  • Clojure
  • Elm
  • OCaml and Haskell - only played around but exposure to Elm helps. Just generally interested in
  • Java/Kotlin - was learning Android dev back in high school and recently took a look at the latter
  • CoffeeScript - because I am RoR developer
  • Python, Perl, C, Pascal - used back in high school and university. Mostly, for competitive programming and learning data structres

Uncategorised tech

  • Ruby on Rails
  • RSpec, Capybara, Minitest - testing in Ruby
  • PostgreSQL - almost every rails startup uses it
  • Redis
  • React.js
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Bulma (this CV and my blog)
  • Heroku
  • Angular 1
  • Linux (as a user)
  • Kafka - was introduced to in carwow
  • Mongodb - played with
  • DigitalOcean - deployed for L'Oreal in Lakehouse