Code review guide

For months (even years) I wanted to compile a list of advice I have on code reviewing. Initially, for myself but recently I thought it’d be a good idea for a blog post. Some of the advice is generic and some is quite opinionated.

I’ll try to keep this updated (all my other posts are one-offs).

Microservices aren't the problem. Incompetent people are

Have you read the awesome essay “Death by a thousand microservices”? I agree with everything said in it. However, I’d like to emphasise that microservices aren’t a problem in itself. Also, I don’t think monoliths are necessarily a better fit most of the time even for smaller products. In fact, personally, I prefer services (intentionally avoiding the “micro”) to a huge monolith in the work setting.

The real problem, I think, is the lack of engineering competence and the lack of “giving a shit” in companies. That’s what creates complex systems nobody can efficiently work on.

ruby -run

This is a loose translation of my post from 2017

Recently, I was looking for a one-liner to start a web-server in the current directory. Stack Overflow gave me this command:

ruby -run -e httpd -- -p 9090 [DIR]

So what is this mysterious -run option an why is it not in the ruby manual?

ruby -e for better console experience

This is a loose translation of my post from 2017.

Ruby was influenced by Perl and can substitute it in its niche of “practical extraction and reporting”. In this small post, I’ll talk about using ruby for simple text processing in the terminal.

How I use git

This is a loose translation of my post from 2017 + minor edits.